terça-feira, maio 08, 2012

Cenas romantico-piroso-sensuais-coiso # 9

 (VICIADA nesta música)

Your body shakes, it's like tonight we can take the world
Your pulse it races with mine and i swear we can take the world

His hand against her cheek
Her tongue against his neck
She says "you're awfully sweet, i feel like we connect"
Maybe it's love. how would she know?
And did she tell?
The clothes they go on slow
She thinks of what to say
He whispers in her ear
She smiles and looks away
Her heart it screams she grabs his hand and says "me too"

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Música fantástica.

Vêm a portugal, sabias?


Sara L.

Rita disse...

Não conhecia e gostei ;)

Estamos sempre a aprender!